Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve

yeah, it is four days before Christmas! i hope you all have wonderful plans with family and loved ones.. the wife, Erica, and i will be celebrating with her family tomorrow and then on to KC to hang with the Choj's this weekend.

i'm sure a lot of you (assuming any one is reading this) are saying to yourselves: "Hey Dave, you're such a music freak, why haven't you talked about music yet? All i see is a picture of the Packers and a guy getting attacked by a sheep!" well that guy is Buster Bluth from Arrested Development, and i'm getting to the music thing now:

Currently listening to:

29 - Ryan Adams

This is his 3rd album of the year! and as far as i'm concerned, he saved the best for last. "Night Birds" is hauntingly brilliant, "Strawberry Wine" is classic Ryan Adams, and "The Sadness" is clever and bit of a musical stretch for him. Don't let the fact that there are only 9 tracks on the disc discourage you; six of them clock in at well over 5 minutes, so he's not shorting you any music.

stay tuned next week when i'll post my top-however-many-albums of the year.

(sneak peak: Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Without Gravity, and Mr. Ryan Adams will all make and apperance)

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