Saturday, February 18, 2006

iPod Revolution

i am now officially responsible for getting 3 of my family members into the iPod age. i bought my lovely wife, Erica, a pink iPod mini for her birthday last year; helped my sister pick out a nice iPod shuffle a week ago so she could have some music on the cruise she just returned from; and last weekend i got my dad started with my old iPod (the 'rents were kind enough to bestow a lovely black video iPod to me for Christmas).

i guess helping people find the iPod that suits them best (and them effectively use it) falls into my life mission of spreading music to people. it is ultimately a means by which one gets the music they desire. so i am happy.

i really should have a job a Best Buy, too. maybe i can just be a consultant to them, or something. here's why: i was in Best Buy today, i was walking around the mp3 players and mp3 player accessories and there was a guy about my age beginning a conversation with a salesman about how he was going to buy an mp3 player (even i could tell the customer had come into Best Buy with the intention of leaving with some sort of device to play music on). He started asking the salesman about the advantage to getting an iPod, could he save more money by not getting an iPod, what would be the drawbacks if he did that, are there the accessories out there for other mp3 players like there are for the iPod..and on and on and on. The salesman was having a REALLY hard time comprehending what this customer was asking. All the while i'm standing close by observing this with all the answers to this guy's questions before the Besr Buy guy could properly answer one. i almost felt i had a moral-no wait-musical obligation to butt in and help out. however, i quietly walked back to the CD section and said a little prayer for the customer who i really hope left with an iPod. We all know they are the superior machine.