Monday, December 19, 2005

Another Heartbreaker

hey everyone!
so this is my first blog post ever....i felt like it was my time to jump into the blog scene, although bloggin will soon be SOOOOO 2005! Packers are breaking my heart for the 11th time this season. Losing 41-3 to the Ravens at the moment. Although they did just bring in "the kid" Aaron Rogers to take over for Favre. Heck, he just converted a 4th and 4 down to the 6 yardline. not bad...oops, just threw his first interception... in two weeks hope will spring eternal again as i look towards next season!
i close with a picture i took of Brett Favre a few weeks ago in Green Bay:
Here's to one more season, what'd ya say Brett?!?!!?

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